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How much does it cost? 

Connect is $10/month with an annual membership. That's the price of the two cups of coffee/tea you'd buy to meet your matches. 

If you'd like to try it out first, no problem. We offer a monthly membership that gives you two free matches. After that, we think you'll be hooked — it's professional climate and sustainability networking made easy.


Can I use any email to join my meeting?

We use Google Meet for our meetings, so you'll need an email that's associated with your Google account (Gmail works well). 

When you're matched, make sure you're signed into the meeting from the same email address that your meeting invite was sent out to. If you're not, Google won't let you in.


What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel my call?

No worries. Life (and business) happens. Rescheduling or cancelling is easy: Just “Reply All” to the intro email to let us know which of those it is. If you're both free during another one of our match slots, we’ll update the invite accordingly. If not, we'll get your next week's match ready in the wing.

Our only request is that you respect your fellow match and try not to do this within 48 hours of the meeting. That's really only so we can make sure we can find them another connection and don't leave them hanging.


I love these people! Can I sign up for more than one meeting every other week?

Great that you're wanting more! We know these conversations are meaningful (and useful, too). At this stage, we're limiting matches to one per match round — every other week. 


How can I invite my colleagues and friends to join Climate & Capital Connect?

That's the spirit! Each founding member receives two tokens to invite the most fascinating climate people they know into the community. Just let us know you'd like to invite someone you respect and we’ll send them a nice note that includes a link to sign up.


I had a great match. Can I meet the same person a second time?

You're welcome to continue the discussion and collaborate outside of Connect — in fact, we want you to! We know you're all hungry for this.


Right now, the platform is built for first-time matches in order to challenge the biases that exist in each of our networks. If you enjoyed a connection, we'd encourage you to connect with them directly.


And then get ready for your next match. We promise it will be equally amazing.


If we're really enjoying our conversation, can we extend the meeting beyond 30 minutes?

Of course! Feel free to stay on the meeting for as long as you and your climate connection like. 


What if none of the proposed times work for me this week?

At the moment, we're limiting meetings to a set of defined time slots. We've picked these to ensure our global members (from Sydney, New Delhi, and Copenhagen to NYC, San Francisco, and Mexico City) can match with each other across time zones. To make scheduling easier, we've included early-morning, mid-day, and late-evening options.

If none of them work for you this week, not to worry. Just let us know and we'll hold off on making that awesome connection we've got for you until next week. 


I'm not a climate/sustainability professional. Can I still join Climate & Capital Connect?

We're so glad we caught your attention! And we're immensely appreciative that you're taking action on the global climate crisis.

We built Climate & Capital Connect intentionally as a way for professionals to network, spark new ideas, and collaborate. And while it's incredible, no platform is a panacea: There are lots of great resources for individuals interested in taking action on climate issues — from social media like our strategic partner We Don't Have Time to publications like Climate & Capital Media to local community organizations doing incredible work. The best way to find a group you're interested in working with is simply to start asking people what they're doing and if there's an initiative they've liked. 

We'd encourage you to start there. And to stay in touch so you can inspire us all with your climate journey.

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